Software programmers are always in a frenzy about staying ahead of the competition by developing cutting edge software products and applications. Brushing up your skills and learning new trends and technologies is necessary to keep yourself ahead of the crowd since the ones who are updated beat the pack.

The technology sector is witnessing a boom in that many new technologies and programming languages have hit the market which allows programmers to develop a host of applications and solutions. Compared to jobs in other industries, a software programmer gets paid significantly higher. When the demands of software developers are such, the competition tends to be acute. Even if you are techie with over 5 years of experience of working in a particular technology, you will always need to keep yourself well-versed with a breadth of other technologies and programming languages to get an added advantage on your resume. Learning new programming languages can always set you apart and impress employers. Languages such as Java, Python and C++ have witnessed a significant surge in the employment market due to their demand among software development companies for developing cutting-edge solutions and software. .

To help the developers identify the prominent programming languages in which they should invest time and effort for learning, CodeEvel recently conducted a survey on the Most Popular Coding Languages in 2014. The survey by CodeEval points out all the popular programming languages for software programmers to get their hands on in the year 2014. The company collected data from different sources and processed over thousand coding challenges and tests from more than 2000 employers to come to the final conclusion of this report.
Let us now read you explore the Top 10 programming languages as per the report by MS KHOKON.
Python is an object-oriented programming language which allows developers to work quickly while integrating their systems more efficiently and effectively. Written by Guido van Rossum in the late 1980’s, Python is one of the most easy to use programming languages. The minute a programmer gets acquainted with the Python language, the gains in terms of accelerated coding and enhanced productivity will follow. Python is also famous for elegant coding and excellent reading due to uniform and easily-manageable Syntax. According to CodeEval, Python constituted 30.3% stake in the whole survey making to the number one position.
Developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1990, Java is another object-oriented and cross-platform programming language available for an array of development requirements; right from mobile application to enterprise web applications, web services to desktop applications. Java is popular and will be in demand this year. Due to its long standing formula (WORA) – write once and run anywhere, Java will remain as the most sought after programming skills among employers. Java collected 22.2% share in the survey by CodeEval. Moreover, as per the survey compiled by Stack Overflow for Career 2.0 Search, Java attained the top position with a 22.26 % popularity.
C++ accounted for 13% of the survey popularity due to multi-purpose capabilities and reusable coding. C++ was developed by Bjarne Strousup in 1983 which was an enhancement of the programming language C. Due to its high-level compatibility and object-orientation, C++ is used for developing a wide-range of applications and games which makes it a popular and sought after programming language by the employers.

Ruby is an open source, dynamic programming language developed by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto with a key focus on productivity and simplicity. It is a mix of elegant syntax which is easy to read and write and hence it has attracted many organizations and developers. Since its release in 1995, Ruby has captured followers globally and hence it is a hot language for the year 2014. As per CodeEval survey, Ruby was at 4th position with a 10.6 % popularity.

Javascript: JavaScript is yet another object-oriented scripting language developed in 1995. The language highly runs as back-end of the web browser. JavaScript topped Stack Overflow’s 2013 job listing and has trended well in, TIOBE as well as In CodeEval survey, JavaScript, however came at 5th position with a 5.2 % popularity. JavaScript shares its structure with Java and is easy to interact with HTML to spice up websites and applications. This makes JavaScript one of the hottest languages for year 2014.

Another multi-paradigm and object-oriented programing language, C# was developed by Microsoft. It is highly used on Windows platform and labelled as the premium language for Microsoft .NET framework. C# is known for strong typing, procedural and functional programming discipline which is the reason it has acquired so much popularity. According to CodeEval, C# has 5% popularity while in Stack Overflow and TIOBE it has captured for more than 10% popularity.

PHP is an open source server-side scripting language developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1996. It is the first ever programming language that grew to become a fully-featured object-oriented language. It is highly used for developing dynamic websites and for embedding HTML. High-speed scripting, caching, compiling code plugins makes it one of the most sought after programming languages for the year 2014. With 3.3% popularity among developers, PHP stood at 8th position in the CodeEval survey rankings.

Perl, one of the feature-rich dynamic programming languages that was created in 1987 by Larry Wall. It was originally a Unix scripting language and today it runs on over 100 platforms from portables to mainframes. Because of its suitability for large scale development as well as rapid prototyping, Perl acquired a 1.60 % share in the total survey, which made it the 9th most popular programming language for the year 2014.

Scala is again a pure object-oriented language developed by Martin Odersky in 2003. Scala is known for being highly functional, reusable and extensible. Scala runs on the JVM and hence all the Java libraries, frameworks and tools can seamlessly work with Scala. This is the reason why Scala has made to the list of most popular programming languages by the year 2014 with a 1 % stake in CodeEval survey.

Objective C:
Objective C is another programming language that has made to the list by acquiring a 0.4 % share in the CodeEval survey. Developed by Tom Love and Brad Cox in the year 1983, it is primarily created for Apple’s MAC OS and iOS application development. Objective C has trended well in, TIOBE index list as well as eWeek research for the most popular programming language.

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