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What is WordPress?

“What is WordPress,
WordPress is an open source blog software package that works exceptionally well as a content
management system, a blog system, or a traditional website. It makes it easy for anyone to set up,
   manage and maintain a websitewithout having an advanced degree in geekery.
WordPress started in 2003 and is now the largest self-hosted blogging tool and is used on, literally,
          millions of sites worldwide.
For example, the New York Times runs its blogs using WordPress. That should tell you something
about how powerful and safe it is to use. But don’t let that scare you. Just as the NY Times uses
     WordPress, so do many “first-time-onliners” who have never touched any type of web design system
       at all. So it’s simple enough for even the most wary user.
First, since WordPress is open source, it’s free. That’s always a bonus.
Since it is open source it also has a thriving community of developers constantly improving the
    software and creating plugins to expand the software.
WordPress lets you create pages (stand alone content) and posts (time-driven content) to build out
    the content of your site. And you can also easily manage your site’s look and feel with themes. These
      are custom designs for your site that control how everything is laid out and organized. (If you’re
            familiar with the term “template” just substitute the term “theme” when talking about WordPress.)
The software is highly customizable, and has literally thousands of “plugin” pieces of software so
            you can use your site for just about anything. (More about plugins later.)
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