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SEO and the White Hat approach

SEO and the White Hat approach

SEO has a long history. It’s simply not something new. And before it became this technical, it was merely a matter of content, which is the main focus of White Hat (or sometimes known as organic) SEO. When SEO was yet unconscious, content was almost everything. And right now, content is still one of the main driving factors when it comes to SEO.

When content mattered most
‘Content is King’ as they say. And SEO will not argue with that statement. Content may still well be king even up until now but what’s a king without the queen and their subjects?All the other factors that a Google spider verifies such as meta tags, image alt text, keyword density, backlinks and whatnot are just as important.
White hat SEO focuses mainly on content – basically on how user-friendly and information-packed your content is. When your content is good, people will buzz about it in Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media tools and online tools that are available to the internet users today – which will, in turn, drive traffic to your website.
White hat SEO is the way to play it safe. It obliges in all of the terms of agreement of social media, it implements good, clean, Google-approved strategies in order to gain higher page rank and get better search engine visibility. Compared to it’s counterpart, which is black hat SEO, the white hat method will ensure your brand’s reputation in the web.
If you are aware of your online reputation and brand then you will probably choose the white hat method. The only thing about being a white hat practitioner is that it takes longer for clients to see your results. Businesses pay for fast, easy-come results. They don’t pay for slow, time-consuming processes which will have them wait for them to see the results (which is exactly what white hat is all about!)
Yes, it will take time – a lot of time. My SEO services have a minimum contract of 6 months (yes, I’m a white-hat practitioner, and yes, I am paid per month) for you to start seeing the results. That’s how long it takes for you to just see the results of the white hat method. But it’s also much cheaper than the black hat method even if the black hat method is quicker to get your page rank up.
To make it simple for all of you guys, white hat method is the good, clean way which makes quality, competitive, information-packed content it’s main weapon and tool. While black hat method is the ‘how-to-go around the rules’ method which uses doorway pages, invisible texts, keyword stuffing and comment spamming. It abuses artificial and technical loopholes as it’s main route to attain higher page rank.
Here’s a table taken from the site: that explains the difference between a white hat and black hat approach to SEO

Black Hat White Hat
Content and Links Search Engines Humans
Visibility to Humans Hidden Visible
Quality of Work Hidden Visible
Search Engines Enemies Nothing / Friends
Domains/Brands Disposable Cherished, Primary Domain
Site & Relevance Apparently Improved Actually Improved
Results Yes, “Short” Term Yes, “Long” Term
Ethical Techniques No Yes
Legal No? Yes?
Tips for Keeps:

If you are trying to build your brand or company online, then the White hat method is what you want. Start a blog for your company or online brand and create good, quality content that people will love and need. If your article information is good, it will definitely create buzz.
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